Dental Treatment at Your Place provides regular Comprehensive Dental Care at Your Assisted Living Communities Place!

All aspects of General Dentistry, like Prevention, Restorative, Prosthetic are being offered.

We come to your place fully equipped.

We accept Credit Cards, Checks, Cash, Insurances, Medicaid, PayPal, …

When we come to your community following protocol applies:

Day 1: Fast and easy: Check-in day only – for all patients: Paperwork, ID check, Insurance, miscellaneous questions answered, Health History, Chief Complaint, X-Graphs, imaging – Ready to Go!

Day 2: Comprehensive Examine, Treatment Plan, carrier pre-authorization if needed, possibly Dental Hygiene at this appointment.

Day 3: Dental Treatment, Dental Hygiene, as needed.

Day 4: Dental Treatment, Dental Hygiene, as needed …

Day 5:

End of cycles till we visit your place again in 4-6 Month.

Patients who can’t leave their rooms will be seen on those days after general treatment, and on individual appointments for treatment and prevention later – our goal is to offer to all patients Treatment and Prevention on regular base!

We offer Educational Sessions about oral health maintenance for care taker.

Emergencies and treatment also at the Main Office:


925 S Niagara St., #480, Denver, Colorado, 80224.

Phone: (303) 377-0229

Facility Management: please feel free to contact us for arrangements as needed.

Main office:


925 S Niagara St., #480, Denver, Colorado, 80224.

Phone: (303) 377-0229

Clinical Director: Dr.Vlad Twerskoi, DDS, DDS (Ger), PhD

Phone: (720) 363-2106

In cooperation with:

Tamara Zlatkina, RDH 

Phone: (720) 288-9143

We speak besides English also Spanish, German, Russian, Hebrew, Swedish, Azerbaijan.