Meet The Doctor

Dr. Vlad Twerskoi, DDS, DDS (Germany), PhD, Economist (EBS)

Dr. Twerskoi studied dentistry in Germany, West Berlin, where he attained the German DDS. He did his residency at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and practiced for over ten years in his own practice in Berlin. He wrote during this period a dissertation about decay prevention in children attaining hereby a PhD at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

He also studied Economy at the European Business School. In 2001 he attended the University of Colorado, Dental School, where he graduated and received the US license. Dr. Twerskoi speaks fluent English, German, Russian, and to some degree Hebrew.

Dr.Twerskoi is placing implants since 1992 and has since placed several thousand implants. (Average general dentist is placing 25 implants per year).