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Dr “T” is the very best dentist I have found in Colorado. He is an excellent dentist. He is highly skilled, insightful, patient, efficient. He instills great confidence in his patients. His implant procedure is painless! The office atmosphere is friendly, warm and comfortable. I have only had 2 other dentists I considered top of their field. D “T” is the third.

Carla P. Dental Implants, Tooth Filling, Root Canal

I received implants four years ago and still believe they are one of my best investments. Having dentures was so uncomfortable that weraring them on a full time basis was almost impossible. Implants are painless and fell like having my natural teeth again.

Barb H. Full Upper and Bottom Implants

I had visited many dentists before I met Dr Twerskoi. Years ago I end up having my bone chopped after a doctor removed my 2 teeth. Then none of the doctors were confident enough to put in the implants I needed. They wanted me to visit a hospital for additional procedures before they can put an implant, and all process supposed to take about a year, and I don’t know what would be the final result… Long story short; I was lucky to meet Dr Twerskoi. It took only couple of days to have two perfectly functional teeth. It was 2 years ago, and I’ve had no problem with my implants since then. He is the only doctor I met who has enough knowledge, experience and confidence to rely on. I would definitely recommend anybody to visit Clever Dental.

Khachatur S. Fillings, Implants

I had a root canal at age 12 and my front two teeth were looking real bad by 24. I found Clever Dental and scheduled myself in. To my surprise I didn’t need implants, just crowns. The doctor and his wonderful assistant were very good to me. They always make you laugh too, not to mention the amazing way my two teeth look now.

Kristine D. Crowns

I contacted many dentists before I made the final decision to have Clever Dental do the work. I decided to have Dr Vlad Twerskoi perform the work because I found him to be a professional, truthful & lower in price than anyone else. His training in Europe was a big factor because I know the doctors in Europe are far more advanced than US trained doctors. I am not sorry I chose Dr Twerskoi and I would recommend him to anyone that asks.

Joseph D Full Mouth Implants

In 2006 I hated dentists! Consequently my teeth were in rotten shape. Initally I needed to take a valium just to walk in the door and I had dozens of precedures to look forward to. Today I walk into the office and hug the staff including Dr T. Dr T is the BEST dentist: he’s an excellent practitioner, extremely knowledgable (Dental certifications from 3 countries), very gental, empathic, fair and funny. Now I feel like I’m seeing family when I arrive I Love this group! I drive accross town 45 minutes each way to come to my appointments. If you don’t use Dr T you will miss out on the best dental care in the city.

Catrina R Implants, Root Canals, Crowns

I had my implants done by Dr T, the best thing I have ever done. I’m not scared to go to the dentist – I’m terrified. But, all the time I was there I felt no pain and I got the greatest care. My implants are 4 years old and feels great just like your real teeth.

Mehai N Implants

The implants from Clever Dental are great. I have 3 implants in the lower front. It was important that they look real and look good as they show when I speak and smile. My original teeth were not straight but I now have a perfect smile. Thanks Dr T.

Candis R Implants

Dental implants are typically not covered by insurance. Price for this procedure varies throughout the front range. Dr Twerskoi not only has a competitive rate, his credentials are exceptional. He is surrounded by a well trained, quality staff and utilizes all the state-of-the-science dental equipment, products and supplies. Customer service is a priority at all times.

Dick H Dental Implant

It was a very good experience for both of us. We were surprised that there was almost no pain during that first visit. I would recommend implants instead of bridges or partials to anyone missing teeth.

Stan C & June C Implants

Wonderful services, nice atmosphere the Dr is really good at his service. Wonderful staff, they take interest, not to avoid you. I like the appointment hours they give me the staff are really great. I really feel comfortable every time I come in. I really like every time I come in the Dr explains each procedure clearly so that you are comfortable. I do get great compliments about my teeth and great smile, I even look younger too.

James DG Complete Dentures with Implants

I had 4 implants done at Clever Dental several years ago. It is as close to my regular teeth as possible. This was done with very little pain and follow up service has been outstanding. I highly recommend this clinic.

John M Implants

I’ve been Dr Twerskoi’s patient for the last 3 yrs. I have had extensive dental work done, including dental implants with bone grafts. Being an upper denture wearer for a number of years my bones were soft, requiring bone grafting. Dr Twerskoi did an excellent job. The implants feel like my own teeth. I highly recommend Dr Twerskoi as your personal dentist.

Ilona B.S. Implants

My decision to go the the Clever Dental Clinic for dental implants was a sound decision. The experience was made as pleasant as possible by a very professional staff. The implant procedure went smoothly with no problems. I envisioned all the possible problems that could occur and thankfully none of my concerns were realized. The end result was better than I expected, so the decision to go to the Clever Dental Clinic was the right decision. Dr Twerskoi has my total admiration for the professional competence he displayed while completing my dental work. The man is truly a dental artist. I am more than pleased with my smile and I am smiling a lot these days.

Richard W Implants

I was a lifelong smoker when I first came to Dr T. I knew it was bad for me, but I was addicted. Something finally clicked, the light finally came on, when Dr T spoke to me about the “evils” (side effects) of smoking, besides cancer I quit! 4 months later I had a stroke. Not having nicotine in my system probably saved my life. Thanks to Dr T and his staff (who are the greatest)!

Linda E Saved my life

After numerous consultations with other dentists, I was happy to find Dr Twerskoi. His confidence gave me the confidence to have the implants I needed. The work has been done free of pain. I have appreciated the professionalism of him and his staff.
Gregory B Implants
Very happy woth the work perfomed be Dr “T”. The staff is friendly and efficient. I have already sent both my daughter and wife to Dr T’s for implants. Will recommend to friends and family
Frank W Implants
Kudos again to Dr T and his staff. I was having an implant done on 10/18 and it has been over 2 years since my last one. I was getting nervous, but the entire process could not have been easier. So I’m done with the toughest(not really bad at all) of the fifth of my implants
Gerry S Implants
After being told by 2 other dentist they were unable to fix each of our crowns, where food kept getting under the old crowns. We went to Dr. T and both of us received implants. We went in for 1 implant each. We are in the process of our mouths being over hauled. Adel (Front office Manager) figuring out a plan combined with INS and what we needed to put away in our flexible spending account each year. Robert has had 5 implants; of course we are waiting on that final day for all his crowns. I have had 3 crowns and 1 implant. I am very happy with the fit of my crowns. Eddie takes his time fitting the crowns to a perfect fit. If YOU have the time and patience so does the ENTIRE staff at Dr. T. We have been going to Dr. T almost 2 yrs. now. We would highly recommend him and his staff.
Robert and Kim G Implants
I had a dental disaster. a 3 tooth bridge in the front failed and could not be redone. i needed 2 dental implnts and a new bridge. i shopped around listened to the stories and found a wide range of prices for the same procedures. clever dental and dr t were the easiest to work with and offered the best price and terms. it was also nice working with tara and eddie. it took longer to complete than i expected. when i thought i was going in for the final work dr t informed me he was not confortable with the maturing of the implant and wanted to wait a little longer. this hnesty impressed me. i’d rather wait a little longer and have it done right the than have to start over. it’s been 1 1/2 months since the work was completed and hopefully lasts a lifetime.
Ray M Implant, Bridge
Love it! Was very apprehensive at first, but Adele assured me getting an implant was not as bad as i may think. Would get another implant if needed.
LaRon W Implant

I needed dental implants. Originally, my orthodontist referred me to Landon Blatter who was hugely unprofessional, made me feel uncomfortable, and estimated a cost WAY beyond what was needed. I was then referred to Dr. Twerskoi at Clever Dental. Thank God! Something as important as implants should be done by an expert, and Dr. Twerskoi is DEFINITELY an expert. He was very professional and explained to me the whole process on the first day I went in for a consult. He was never anything but kind and caring the whole time I visited Clever Dental. His staff was also very welcoming. I actually miss the people there– I came to enjoy going in for dental work, can you believe it? Dr. Twerskoi’s assistant Eddie was a true friend and they all got to know me really well. One day the doctor and I had a conversation about education. He is obviously a very well-educated man who cares deeply about his patients. Almost a year later, and my implants are going strong and look fantastic. Nobody can tell I have two false teeth. The surgical procedure itself was as great as it could be. Tarra was very sweet and checked up on me frequently. I experienced NO PAIN after the surgery. Nothing, and there were posts in my gums! They are very honest about the cost of implants, but also very reasonable. If only all medical professionals were like Dr. Twerskoi! If I still lived in Colorado, I would go back and shake his hand.

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Laura R
It was like pulling teeth 🙂 (pun intended) No after effects except for swelling, which I anticipate will subside eventually. See you January 2, for phase #2. Looking forward to Steak and corn on the cob.
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Ronald N
I am always so very grateful and satisfied, for not only the exceptional work but the personal, family type environment. The staff has always made me feel right at home!!!
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Jonathan H
One of the best preps for a crown that I have had and I have had many. Eddie obviously has to take the majority of the credit as he spent 80% of the time with me. I am optimistic about our future realtionship – keep it up. Pleased to see this type of follow up as we encourage it in our business.
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Robert R
My appt. was excellent the reason I’m saying this is I didn’t know I had a loose crown on my front tooth.The Doctor took the time out of his busy schedule to fix the problem.I was only scheduled to get a cleaning .
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Steven L
I’ll never go anywhere else for my routine teeth cleaning!! Donna is amazing and she makes the experience very pleasant!
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Stephanie M
I feel very secure being taken care of with the team of Dr. Twerskoi. Tarra is a beautiful person and a wonderful asett to the Doctor’s practice!
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Marina Z
At Clever dental staff are professional, friendly and helpful. You get the care you need at any level with ease and quality at a reasonable cost.
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Edward A